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The expenditure of installing a synthetic grass surface to cater for Tennis, Hockey & Football is a huge undertaking for a club of local authority and this investment must yield results both from a sporting and financial point of view.

Certain commodities of life such as the automobile, lawn mower and even the human body itself need constant attention and maintenance if they are to function to their maximum ability. Most of the items mentioned are serviced without question because people understand the consequences if this procedure if not rigorously adhered to.

Over the last 20 years Synthetic Grass has established itself  as a vital sporting attribute in our very inclement weather conditions.

It is perhaps only recently that sporting organizations have discovered that service and intensive maintenance are essential and vital, both to, maintain constant comfortable use of their All Weather surface and to sustain and prolong the life of their carpet.


“If your synthetic carpet pile is open and the sand therein loose after intensive maintenance you will be guaranteed quality usage during it’s lifetime”

Manufacturers estimate that intensive specialized maintenance can add up to 2 years to the life of the surface
maintenance2Most sporting bodies possessing natural grass pitches will testify and acknowledge the cost of maintaining such a facility which requires cutting, feeding, rolling, lining etc. Artificial grass surfaces are no exception because

“maintenance is a realistic must”

Maintenance can be divided into two categories “regular” and “intensive”. Regular maintenance is normally undertaken by club members on a weekly voluntary basis which normally consists of brushing with particular emphasis on the intensively used areas.

Intensive Deep Clean maintenance is carried out by trained Courtcare personnel using specifically designed machinery and equipment for undertaking this task.


  • To prolong and sustain the life of  your artificial carpet
  • To ensure that the poly’ pile remains open and the sand loose therein.
  • To greatly reduce the risk of compaction and moss infestation
  • To provide an expert and objective assessment of the surface.
  • To enhance and uphold the prestigious rating of the club.

Treatment of the surface by trained personnel using dedicated maintenance equipment on a yearly o basis resulting in the following:

  1. Removal of soiling items from the arena i.e. chewing gum, shoe dirt  deposits, air pollutants, leaves, twigs and carpet shedding.
  2. Weed eradication and moss control
  3. Intensive agitation and tossing of sand reducing sand compaction.
  4. Permeability (Drainage) remains optimal or is improved, vastly reducing the possibility of surface water and sand compaction.
  5. Re-sanding of hard water areas (appropriate sand supplied at cost).
  6. Inspection of carpet lines, seams etc.
  7. A statement or advice of service is supplied after each service