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Unplayable Surface? Water Holding? Sand Compaction? Moss and Algae? Surface Silt?

If your artificial sports Surface displays any of the above symptoms. You need to contact Courtcare Ireland and find out more about Rejuvenation, the sensational air pressure process which returns the most dejected and seemingly unusable  surface to new.

How did this happen to our sports surface?
Air pollutants such as dust and building matter fuse with the rain, deposit same on the surface and overtime contaminates the sand.

The sand then becomes impervious to water and will hold after small quantities of rain.  As a result of this the rainwater can’t permeate into the underground drainage system, it then brings the silted matter contained within the sand to the surface rendering the playing area dirty, slippery and flooded.

The huge intensity and volume of rains over last few years would have accelerated the process.

Restores playing surface characteristics to “as new”. Less than 25% of the cost of re-surfacing.

Rejuvenation is a unique process developed which restores the performance and extends the life of sand-filled surfaces without causing any damage to the fibre.

How does it work?
High pressure  air is delivered into the infected surface and  will de-compact and remove the contaminated material.  The dirty sand is the removed from the area and the surface cleaned. New dried silica sand applied and brushed in to the carpet.

  • Restores playing surface characteristics to “as new”.
  • Less than 25% of the cost of re-surfacing.
  • Extends life of the surface by 5 or 6 years.
  • Rejuvenation can be performed in all weather conditions.
  • Non-intrusive process which will not damage fibres.
  • No long settling in period.
  • Fast and efficient work process…450 sq. mtrs per day…

Over 300 artificial sand filled surfaces successfully completed throughout Ireland.

A picture speaks a thousand words! Carrigrohane Castle,Cork before and after Rejuvenation

Carrigrohane Castle Before Carrigrohane Castle After